I last posted a month ago, when I was still in Chuuk. Since then, I have traveled half across the globe and reached my home country Finland.

We had a very enjoyable road trip around the US: listening to street music and wandering among the colorful wooden houses of New Orleans, petting dogs and laughing at a cat food related incident at Austin’s Zilker park, cruising in a brand new Mustang across the entire state of Texas, devouring green chilli enchiladas in New Mexico, cruising in the Mustang some more, having a strawberry pique-nique on the edge of the Grand Canyon, roaming around The Strip in Las Vegas with yard drinks and fooling around in an adult playground, singing Spice Girls, ABBA, and Back Street Boys in karaoke, meeting one of my dearest friends from Estonia in her new home – Washington DC – and making use of the free museums there, and finally reaching the Big Apple where I met up with most of my house mates from Chuuk.

My return home was delayed by a couple of days and instead of flying from JFK to Helsinki-Vantaa, I took a plane straight to Copenhagen to celebrate my brother’s graduation from Lund University. It was great to see family after a long time, and I got a whole dose of Nordic foods that have been much missed.

Upon my return, lots of thoughts have been racing through my head. Those will have to wait for another post though – right now I am not sure how I’d express them, black on white. Now, I am just telling myself that it’s good to be in place for a while before the next chapter.


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