Getting Ready for Blisters


I first acknowledged El Camino de Santiago when somebody I knew walked the Portuguese Way in 2014. He pointed out that Paulo Coelho (one of my favourite authors) writes about the Camino in just about all of his books. Last year one of my best friends walked the way to Santiago around the same time as one of my favorite Finnish bloggers. The Camino has been haunting my mind every now and again after hearing stories from four people I look up to very much. Now, I decided it is my turn to conquer the north of Spain.

The internet bursts of all sorts of blog posts, YouTube videos, articles, packing lists and such of the Camino. After reading and watching hundreds of them, I still do not feel fully prepared. The information found from different sources is often contradicting, yet all of them have one idea in common. That the Camino is a personal journey, everyone makes their own mistakes, and each experience of the Camino is unique.

I love walking. I love being by myself, especially when there’s a lot to think about. I love meeting new people from all around the world, especially if they are in a similar place in their life as I. I have a backpack of 7 kg and I’m heading off to Tallinn early tomorrow morning. I will be flying to Barcelona from Riga on the weekend, and don’t know when I’ll return. Let’s hope I stay healthy during this hike of hundreds of kilometers.


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