Back on the Blog from a Familiar Hood


I published my last post three months ago, when I was in Barcelona. Since then, I visited Pamplona and San Sebastián, spent a few days in Bilbao with my mother, walked 636.6 km from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela, had a long weekend in Porto, visited some friends in Sweden, came back to Finland, and finally, I ended up getting a job in Tallinn.

Ühesõnaga, I have been living in Tallinn for about a month now. It’s been wonderful being back, although I’ve also found it hard readjusting to city life and an office job after a year of teaching in Chuuk and 4 months of backpacking and vacationing mostly in rural areas.

That being said, this readjustment process has provided me with inspiration for writing. My head is bubbling – I have so many thoughts I want to express and share.

When I lived in Tallinn during 2012-2015, I was actively updating my blog Annina in Tallinna. I’m not sure if I’d like to have a similar blog again, but as I said, I have plenty of other ideas in mind for now. Let’s see how these ideas will shape this blog! Hope there’ll be some people tagging along to follow the upcoming blog transformation. 😉


4 thoughts on “Back on the Blog from a Familiar Hood

  1. Ihanaa, odotan innolla päivityksiä 🙂 Sun blogista tulee aina niin hyvälle mielelle ja osaat kirjoittaa kauniisti elämän eri puolista.


    1. Kiitos lämmittävästä kommentista ❤ Vaikkei ole bloggailu luonnistunut nyt moneen kuukauteen, olen kyllä ajatellut palaavani blogin pariin taas jossain vaiheessa 🙂


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