Annina, 22, Finland.

I am teaching 12th grade English Reading and Literature in Chuuk High School, Federated States of Microniesia.

I moved to Weno, Chuuk in July 2015 after just becoming an alumni of Tallinn Univeristy and a Bachelor of Humanities.

Life in Estonia was treating me well. I had interesting jobs such as blogging, radio reporting, and copywriting, I had learned Estonian and managed to build myself a wonderfully safe network of local and international friends. But I was getting restless – I wanted to find out what more there was to this world than my newly found life only a gulf away from the city I grew up in.

Due to a lack of technological resources, I am solely using an almost broken iPhone 4 and sporadic Wi-Fi connections to update this blog.

As much as I’d want to, this combination does not allow me to share pictures of high resolution and long paragraphs of text into which I would have put a considerable amount of thought.

What I will be able to share, though, are the bursts of laughter with my seniors, the fresh coconuts in the afternoons, the dips into the turquoise lagoon, and the Pacific sunsets from my host family’s rooftop. While I like to make teaching in paradise seem like the dream, do know that this life includes as much frustrations, cleaning school bathrooms, empty aisles at grocery stores, self-doubt, spreading rat poison around the kitchen, homesickness, and the difficulties of finding your place in a foreign culture and community.

There is no good without the bad and no growth within a readily established comfort zone, however. I am thrilled to share this exciting experience with old and new friends from every corner of the world wide web.



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